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I am a... photo enthusiast.
I'm that person who carries her camera around everywhere, will not let you eat until I've snapped a shot of your food, and sneaks in candid shots of you. Paparazzi. Creeper. Whatever you want to call me.
What can I say. I capture and preserve memories!

I am a... basketballer.
I've been playing the sport since I was 5, and it's pretty much what defines me. Jammed fingers. Twisted ankles. Sprained knees. Bruised tailbone. Floor burns.
For love of the game!

I am a... pug lover.
I can't get over how awesome this breed is. Smashed nose. Curly tail. Wrinkled forehead.
How can anyone resist?

I am a... ramen addict.
I can never have enough of these delicious carbohydrates.

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email: hello@karenquan.com